1/ After this, I reached out to #Miele CEO, Mr. Markus Miele. He replied to me.
I reached out to the Miele President of the Board and Managing Director of the Miele Global Service, Anna Meduna. She replied to me.
Event @Miele_Press reached out.

Did I fix my problem? No. https://t.co/AhGsWDstNP


2/ Not only my problem with #Miele is still not fixed after 1.5 months, but the @Miele_GB technician now doesn’t even bother to inform me that he won’t come when he planned and announced to come.

What an unmitigated disaster @Miele_Press.


@fintanr I have 10 minutes. Want to do a Bluejeans call to be sure you are living the life?


Having a lot of fun with the new #iOS15 Shortcuts and regex. Having dedicated much of my career to automation, I have to say that this platform is exceptionally easy to use, had tremendous power, and enormous potential. All of a sudden, I imagine @Apple building the next IFTTT.


As I said many times in the last 18 months, I’ve never seen so many people leaving their jobs. Even without an alternative opportunity. This chart shows that isn’t just my personal experience. >

‘Great Attrition’ or ‘Great Attraction’? The choice is yours https://t.co/f1hfYvqT7g https://t.co/7IjDVZIXHv


@brave I don’t know how else to say it, after so many years: a frictionless system beats any downside. Even serious ones like the risk of security breaches or of privacy violations.

The only way to win is by creating an alternative system so simple that it’s effortless, invisible.


No matter how many high-profile articles come out about privacy violations, Zoom is everywhere. Because it’s frictionless. It’s that simple. This is not the way to displace it. >

@Brave’s non-tracking, browser-based video conferencing tool is out of beta https://t.co/Zgr7JZWOKF