In 7y in Red Hat I said it probably a million times: – #Automation is a force multiplier. It scales IT Operations like other tech scales IT infrastructures – Automation is the best ally against: scale of IT infrastructures, complexity of app architectures, speed of AI analysis Original tweet: https://twitter.com/giano/status/1382302998127374339


Now, of course, #automation is not #AI. Ansible Security Automation has always had a long-term goal to add an AI layer to address AI-led cyberattacks. > Original tweet: https://twitter.com/giano/status/1380187299896565769


The industry is completely unprepared for #AI-led cyberattacks. A reason why I pushed hard to build Ansible Security Automation was to offer an #automation building block accessible to everybody via open source. > Preparing for AI-enabled cyberattacks https://t.co/inztCGDZWf Original tweet: https://twitter.com/giano/status/1380187167784308738


I made this. The fact that #EVERGIVEN is a container ship is a pure coincidence. #SuezCanal as a metaphor for life. #Automation is the only way. https://t.co/pDO8F3POdT Original tweet: https://twitter.com/giano/status/1375151047744819200


Leaders in #automation have a responsibility towards their customers. Let’s not create unrealistic expectations about what automation can do. It damages the customers and it damages the whole industry. #NoOps is a vision that didn’t materialize in 10y: https://t.co/gI7RBY2nVJ https://t.co/oe4d8D0c9a Original tweet: https://twitter.com/giano/status/1369596797342081025


Vendor-neutral essay on the state of #automation today vs. the hopes of 10 years ago. > “NoOps: Misguided Hopes, New Ideas, And Three Paths Towards An Attainable Future” https://t.co/gI7RBY2nVJ https://t.co/WhjveOTnVF Original tweet: https://twitter.com/giano/status/1352595644943364096


4 months from now, the definition of #NoOps, and its utopia of a fully automated IT, will be 10 years old. Ten. The industry has made incredible progress in #automation but we are far, far away from that vision. I wrote a vendor-neutral post about why: https://t.co/vHnpAURkkC Original tweet: https://twitter.com/giano/status/1346096905328144384


I wrote a vendor-neutral post for #CIO and direct reports wondering about the true state of #automation at the end of 2020 and its future: #NoOps: Misguided Hopes, New Ideas, And Three Paths Towards An Attainable Future – Alessandro Perilli https://t.co/gI7RBY2nVJ https://t.co/odAi68K3DT Original tweet: https://twitter.com/giano/status/1338796372900896769


“The pervasive lack of standardization alone turns #NoOps into an unattainable goal for almost everyone, at least as things stand in 2020. So how do you get as close to full IT #automation as you can in a pragmatic way? https://t.co/gI7RBY2nVJ https://t.co/irQo6MUaco Original tweet: https://twitter.com/giano/status/1337718167234371587


A huge EU customer asked about #NoOps. In an exec meeting, I told them it’s an unattainable goal for most orgs. The path towards complete #automation is tortuous. I wrote a vendor-neutral post about this topic as this is an important conversation to have: https://t.co/gI7RBY2nVJ https://t.co/vojd2Tw6kc Original tweet: https://twitter.com/giano/status/1334789953579081729