4/ For this to happen, #automation engines should integrate with all sort of monitoring/logging tech, which is apparently impossible to achieve. After 30y monitoring vendors and automation vendors are still so far apart that they can’t see the benefit of working together. Original tweet: https://twitter.com/giano/status/1422950571229827078


3/ The real “intelligent automation”, the big breakthrough would be if #AI could learn in an unsupervised way what has changed in the aforementioned ever-changing IT environment and adapt the existing #automation workflows accordingly. That would dramatically lower the TCO. Original tweet: https://twitter.com/giano/status/1422950570046918657


2/ We often talk about “intelligent automation” in terms of #AI coupled with #automation to execute whatever decision the algorithm has come up with. That’s improper terminology. It should be called “applied intelligence” or “operational AI” or something else. Original tweet: https://twitter.com/giano/status/1422950568876707847


1/ Rarely discussed, the TCO of #automation is largely impacted by the enormous effort necessary to maintain existing workflows relevant and functional in an ever changing IT environment. Just like #AI, automation is not a deploy & forget technology. Original tweet: https://twitter.com/giano/status/1422950567912091649


#Automation is killing #ITOps jobs. https://t.co/QzckT0tzgl Original tweet: https://twitter.com/giano/status/1417122271638999041


Last November, I published a very long piece about the challenges of deploying #automation for everything in a large IT environment, often hidden behind the term #noops > NoOps: Misguided Hopes, New Ideas, And Three Paths Towards An Attainable Future https://t.co/gI7RBY2nVJ https://t.co/AgkmNXNrJv Original tweet: https://twitter.com/giano/status/1405447760124461057


It’s not just having vs having #automation anymore. The type of automation you can deploy is becoming a competitive differentiator > Amazon Got Us Hooked on One-Day Delivery—Now Small Businesses Are Paying for It https://t.co/DFYQJGv9A5 https://t.co/kYxgC07ZgG Original tweet: https://twitter.com/giano/status/1404453710525304837


FT has published a special report on cloud computing. @nicholasgfearn wrote an article on automation: https://t.co/jDCDwDQnPE I appreciated the opportunity to contribute with one of my mantras: #automation scales IT Operations like other tech scales IT infrastructures. https://t.co/y7DJ8JyQ5x Original tweet: https://twitter.com/giano/status/1394580263825461253


This clever job posting from @Netskope friends allows me to repeat one of my mantras: it doesn’t matter if there’s a skill shortage in #cybersecurity. No team is large enough without #automation. Even with 2M more experts, companies don’t stand a chance > https://t.co/eKepP28tLk Original tweet: https://twitter.com/giano/status/1386698255896043524


In 7y in Red Hat I said it probably a million times: – #Automation is a force multiplier. It scales IT Operations like other tech scales IT infrastructures – Automation is the best ally against: scale of IT infrastructures, complexity of app architectures, speed of AI analysis Original tweet: https://twitter.com/giano/status/1382302998127374339