If you think software licensing is complicated, wait to see the byzantine charging currently used for the leading #IoT solutions out there. Enterprise licensing and pricing, too, will eventually have to succumb to the growing demand for a #frictionlessIT. Original tweet: https://twitter.com/giano/status/1347233837034721285


This is the latest of a string of horrifying security issues with Zoom. Yet, I’m inundated by meeting requests on it. This is the ultimate proof that #frictionlessIT beats anything else. Ignore at your peril > Market for stolen Zoom credentials is booming https://t.co/Z2OEmu37Gf Original tweet: https://twitter.com/giano/status/1255170521387487232


@McKinsey I have said for years that the design of enterprise IT offering must take into account the generational shift in the audience and the different expectations in terms of ease-of-use, speed, and availability. #FrictionlessIT is not just a hashtag I made up. It’s a biz imperative. Original tweet: https://twitter.com/giano/status/1231904186503176193


What @MarkPavWT, @catycaldwell and the rest of the IntelliSense/IntelliCode team at @Microsoft have done over the years is exceptional. Think about how it transforms the coding experience for beginners, how it reshapes the learning curve. A wonderful example of #frictionlessIT Original tweet: https://twitter.com/giano/status/1191493494893875200


OMG, yes. This is a very rare, legit example of #FrictionlessIT. The solution to a miserable UX is thinking harder, not saying “it is what it is”. I hope you guys succeed. > @TypingDNA launches Chrome extension that verifies your identity based on typing https://t.co/KmpZxXdUP0 Original tweet: https://twitter.com/giano/status/974057266063331328


Clock is ticking. #FrictionlessIT > “Gen Z (born after 2000) make up more of the global population (25%) than any other generation. By 2020, they will be out of school, making up 20% of the global workforce right behind Millennials.” https://t.co/OyfrTp7KPg Original tweet: https://twitter.com/giano/status/962762999088975872


Some engineers understand the need for a #FrictionlessIT much more than some product managers. It’s not about your role in the organization or how tech hardcore you are. It’s how your brain is wired to realise (and apply as a mantra) that simple drives adoption, not complex. Original tweet: https://twitter.com/giano/status/954329693410426882


2/ It’s the perception of lightness due to higher provisioning speed they’re talking about. Speed is king in #frictionlessIT Original tweet: https://twitter.com/giano/status/834077287784001536


Something the new generation of devs & ops will never know. And that will greatly influences expectations on enterprise IT #frictionlessIT https://t.co/ES5myXGIH9 Original tweet: https://twitter.com/giano/status/822171031779606528


Dilbert on #FrictionlessIT https://t.co/XI5j5VvMe2 Original tweet: https://twitter.com/giano/status/800989119799234560