I wrote 20 pages to explain why the industry is not even close to the goal and autonomous IT is unattainable for most enterprises:

@IDC report (sponsored by @huawei): 90% of enterprises are planning for fully autonomous datacenters https://t.co/lGRFpQNMwQ


Exceptionally interesting #startups I’ve seen in 2020:

– @replit
– @gokoyeb
– @salto_io
– @hypothes_is
– @readwiseio
– @liteboxer
– @VirtuixOmni
– @TrainWithTempo
– @DescriptApp
– @wikifactory
– @Finnhub_io
– @atom_finance
– @CerebrasSystems
– @hellorobotinc
– @fletch_ai


Yesterday, I met yet another #UK founder about to launch his startup. I’m amazed by how many found the courage to build something new 2020.

Success requires risk taking. And tolerance for criticism. And facing an ocean of naysayers.

(from “A Promised Land” – Barack Obama) https://t.co/GPmVhgYorG


I’ve seen leading IT vendors, top venture capital firms, global asset management companiws, and government agencies from multiple countries using Zoom. I still refuse to install it.

Zoom helped China suppress U.S. calls about Tiananmen, prosecutors allege https://t.co/Tukt2ffuc7


At least, now, #cybersecurity is exciting and dangerous (almost) like in the movies.
When I was in the field, 20y ago, it was significantly less glamorous.

In more seriousness, I think we haven’t seen anything yet. Wait for the adoption of #AI techniques to adapt attacks otg


More on the “Think strategically, but act tactically” slippery slope. This is a must-read example of how the first trillion dollar company shapes its next steps.

Think about it when you reassess if it’s worth bothering with a long-term roadmap: