Great job by @Deloitte in exposing what I’ve been warning about for years: the subscription model is unsustainable long term for consumers. And this doesn’t include productivity SW >

Consumers load up on subscriptions but are frustrated with fragmentation https://t.co/Op7CCfugbb https://t.co/U5AAwy6ceW


Dan’s vision is something to pay attention to. Especially for the research communities.

How come the #AI community has not started working on this and is not helping @hypothes_is here?

It seems a great opportunity for some real world ML application. https://t.co/K9x5kKNdUt


Imagine if all the highlights you save in @hypothes_is and/or @readwiseio could automatically feed an #AI that works like Siri/Alexa. You install an app and the AI responds to questions you ask about your highlights.

“Computer, what was the time to complete an Amazon purchase?”


.@netflix did as great thing by adding @jovialjoy Coded Bias documentary to its catalog. I can’t recommend it enough.

But don’t watch it alone. Watch it with your family, during the weekend. Be sure to listen till the end. Talk about it. It’s worth it.



I still hope that @replit and @amasad will find a way to enable people with ideas but not coding skills to bring a project to life. There are many ways to do that but they don’t scale or are risky. When you can tap into a community of developers eager to prove themselves, tho…


In 7y in Red Hat I said it probably a million times:

– #Automation is a force multiplier. It scales IT Operations like other tech scales IT infrastructures
– Automation is the best ally against: scale of IT infrastructures, complexity of app architectures, speed of AI analysis