4/ For this to happen, #automation engines should integrate with all sort of monitoring/logging tech, which is apparently impossible to achieve. After 30y monitoring vendors and automation vendors are still so far apart that they can’t see the benefit of working together.


3/ The real “intelligent automation”, the big breakthrough would be if #AI could learn in an unsupervised way what has changed in the aforementioned ever-changing IT environment and adapt the existing #automation workflows accordingly. That would dramatically lower the TCO.


2/ We often talk about “intelligent automation” in terms of #AI coupled with #automation to execute whatever decision the algorithm has come up with. That’s improper terminology. It should be called “applied intelligence” or “operational AI” or something else.


I’ve reached an age (today, in fact) when you realise that life fundamentally is an endless string of problems. Maybe it sounds obvious to some of you, but it wasn’t for me until very recently. That realization has changed everything.

This is about that: https://t.co/ZvfV73wVqq https://t.co/jDcWgoe9HK