When will we not need to do any more mining for car batteries?

Q at the Tesla 2021 Annual Meeting of Stockholders:

"When will we not need to do any more mining for batteries?"

Elon Musk:

"There's about 2B cars and trucks in use in the world
Annual global capacity for vehicles is 100M / year roughly
Cars and trucks tend to last about 20y before they go to the junkyard
Even if all cars were and all vehicles were electric tomorrow it would still take 20y to change out the fleet
I think are still well under 1% of the fleet
probably (it will take) 30-34 years"

This is one of the many passages I read in books and articles on a daily basis. They span many disciplines, including art, artificial intelligence, automation, behavioral economics, cloud computing, cognitive psychology, enterprise management, finance, leadership, marketing, neuroscience, startups, and venture capital.

I occasionally add a personal note to them.

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