Funniest attack against #AI I’ve ever seen. A whole new field of #cybersecurity will emerge as #AI gets mainstream > Reinforcement-learning AIs are vulnerable to a new kind of attack https://t.co/LwgbK8rmbj Original tweet: https://twitter.com/giano/status/1233376679118196737


Today I had a great conversation about the importance of risk management in #cybersecurity with the #CISO of a global retail brand. BTW, he’s hiring in London. If you have 2-3y experience in #secops and a proactive mindset, this is an incredible learning opportunity IMO. Original tweet: https://twitter.com/giano/status/1204835702825005056


The number of ads about #cybersecurity in the #London tube continues to increase. I’m curious to know if there is a smiliar trend in #NewYork, and other financial capitals around the world. https://t.co/W2K2WoxjJp Original tweet: https://twitter.com/giano/status/1194281124706627585


1/ A #cybersecurity strategy that depends on customers replacing most/all security tools already in-house with vendor X will never work. Proof: up to 55 solutions in the #CISO portfolio, as illustrated in the very same opening slide that vendor X uses to make their point. Original tweet: https://twitter.com/giano/status/1191651922287169536


#Cybersecurity talk from IBM Security at #ThinkLondon. The bottom right box is the reason why Red Hat and our partners among the leading security players in n the market have built #Ansible Security Automation. https://t.co/Ds9A8KOTlN Original tweet: https://twitter.com/giano/status/1184460382171258880


Finally, I can tell everything. Ansible Security Automation is our answer to the lack of integration across the IT security industry https://t.co/ZT9Erl2Let #automation #cybersecurity #ansible #ansiblefest Original tweet: https://twitter.com/giano/status/1174992715320320002


I started my career in IT exactly 20 years ago, from #cybersecurity. I moved to #virtualization and then #cloudcomputing, focusing on the enterprise management, #automation, and #AI aspects of those domains. And now, after so long, I’m back at the starting point. Oh the irony. Original tweet: https://twitter.com/giano/status/1171373940868100097


First we automated config mgmt and app provisioning. Then we automated networking. Now it’s time to automate #cybersecurity. The agenda for the #AnsibleFest in Atlanta (Sep 24-26) is out. There’s an entire track dedicated to @Ansible Security Automation: https://t.co/HsMu0wYsE0 Original tweet: https://twitter.com/giano/status/1160905024161157120


Interesting read on #AI and #CyberSecurity > “Assessing the Impact of Machine Learning on Security” https://t.co/wt1FiHldZj Original tweet: https://twitter.com/giano/status/1136578713489944576


When you see an ad like this in the London Tube, you know that #cybersecurity has come to a new golden age. https://t.co/C9rl8oo0HU Original tweet: https://twitter.com/giano/status/1121320715704205312