Yours truly quoted about complexity in #cybersecurity, how unsustainable the situation is, and the need for programmability: https://t.co/ZqMEYxmSjX Original tweet: https://twitter.com/giano/status/1035493096971218944


I have spend more time talking about #cybersecurity and #automation in the last few months than in the last 10 years… Original tweet: https://twitter.com/giano/status/1033030720963465222


Thanks @jjvincent. This week I’m in Boston to talk about a #cybersecurity project long in the making and this helps me tremendously to make a point > This Japanese AI security camera shows the future of surveillance will be automated https://t.co/9O4R62gWXO Original tweet: https://twitter.com/giano/status/1011587288118317056


There’s also a growing demand in big data and analytics at 49% (57% in 2017), #AI and machine learning at 48% (new for 2018) and #cybersecurity at 43% (55% in 2017). Original tweet: https://twitter.com/giano/status/1009352030429831170


I started my career in #cybersecurity. On that subject, I wrote a book, created one of the first ethical hacking classes worldwide, presented on stage countless times, advised the EU…Who could have imagined that 20y later I’d have filed a patent with @RedHat to solve old issues Original tweet: https://twitter.com/giano/status/984338329058660352