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@JamesMaguire One designed to cause addiction, yes.

One of my favourite shows when I was a kid was Knight Rider.
Elon said (and showed) that Tesla effectively has one of the most advanced #AI around.

Just saying…

"Often we’re taught that quality is the result of effort. That if you simply tried harder, you’d come closer to meeting spec.
(Yet, )the people who work at a Lexus plant aren’t more tired at the end of the day than those that make the Cadillac Escalade."

1/ The strategies to remain competitive and/or expand that worked 10y ago are not effective anymore. Differently from then, you now have players that can *effectively* beat you on time, on skills, on salaries, on talent inspiration, on portfolio breath. All at the same time.

2/ It's not true anymore (in some cases) that bigger = slower and boring and bureaucratic and uninspired.

For example, the tactical differentiation of adding a product to your portfolio lasts less than it takes to retrain your sales force to sell it.

3/ It's not defensible anymore to "just" be an expanding technology company (and that includes non-tech end-user orgs that are evolving into tech orgs).

Your only sustainable defense is a *constant* investment in innovation (compared to the market, not your older self).

4/ Without a systematic effort to incubate and bring to market new ideas, your failure is faster than ever.

You can't even count on buying innovation from startups. Because, even at that, your larger competitors are faster than you.

And, with impeccable timing, the result of this survey arrives.

It's not just a matter of time and priorities. It's untenable to expect that developers become experts in (multi)cloud infrastructures, cybersecurity, cloud economics, AI, etc.

I stumbled on the first @Twitter profile that enabled the new Tips feature.

It would be nice if, in future, there would be a way to route the money directly to a charity of choice.

(not sure how popular it would be)

This is a splendid book I wish I read earlier in life. The entire passage below is valuable, even in modern days, to explain the reason why certain scientists bother writing books (i.e., to define new paradigms), but the highlight is especially brilliant and made me laugh.

Three thoughts:

1. Thank you, Lydia.

2. This goes very well with one of my mantras: asking devs to be expert in everything is unrealistic and unsustainable.

3. Lydia might secretly be one of Dilbert's writers.

Every year @Adobe shows more impressive steps towards a synthetic reality. Or, as I call it, a post-real era. All this technology, intentionally or not, is key to achieving realistic #VR >

Adobe’s Project Strike a Pose uses #AI to pose your models for you

@ServerWrestler Thanks for sharing it, Eric. Your book is now in my Life-Changing Books list:

"Icon’s 3-D printed houses use con­crete fram­ing in­stead. Its 15.5-foot-tall print­ers can build the ex­te­rior and in­te­rior wall sys­tem for a 2,000-square-foot, one-story house in a week "

The biggest feature of macOS Monterey is Shortcuts. Alone, it's worth the update. I'm very happy to see early support from companies like @pixelmator and @flexibits. I hope this is just the beginning of a rich ecosystem and frictionless tools.

This is the decade of #automation.