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I’m not sure how many people truly realize how underdeveloped the Italian market is.
2019: “49 percent of the top ten thousand largest sellers on Amazon were based in China, according to Marketplace Pulse, a research firm that monitors the site.”

From "Amazon Unbound" (Brad Stone)

“We do not charge more because we can’t figure out how to make it cost less. We invent to make it cost less.”

From "Amazon Unbound" (Brad Stone)

What is the book that changed your life? (not novels or religious texts)

Asked on Sep 14, 2021

@cbredesen @Twitter Who knew? I mainly use Tweetdeck on desktop so I never noticed.
Has this "Pin the list" feature been there the whole time or is it a new @Twitter feature? I discovered it by accident. Very handy.
I'm very skeptical about this. 10y is a long time at the current pace of innovation. I think many jobs that barely exist today but might be critical tomorrow are completely absent from this projection.

The 20 Fastest Growing Jobs in the Next Decade

An open source project I follow with enormous interest is Apache Drill:

Another project that is going in a similar direction is @steampipeio by @turbothq. If SteamPipe was a company, I'd add it to my Startups Worth Watching list:

5 years of mentions. Which means that Apple has been working on it much longer, of course. >

A short history of every time Apple CEO Tim Cook praised #AR

I'm a big fan of EleutherAI open source efforts, and I'm waiting to see what they will release in the future. In the meanwhile, I really want to try this #AI model from @AI21Labs:

To build something exceptional, something you are really proud of, you have to dedicate 100% of your attention to it. You have to think about every detail day and night.

You can dedicate 20% to it, but you have to set the expectation that it will never be more than passable.

The reason why I bought 3 Echo devices early on and then stopped using them years ago is exactly this. Alexa never went beyond Hart's practical features and still today it is little more than a glorified alarm. I wish @JeffBezos had his way, pushing the entire industry forward.
I just discovered that, on top of command autocomplete, @Fig also shows the list of available packages you can install with popular package managers. Exceptional.

(notice the auto-update, too, in the background)

I used @Mailchimp in the past and I always found it unnecessarily convoluted. Years later, I'm trying to set up a simple RSS > Email automation as I used to have in the past. The complexity is staggering. I give up.

Anybody can suggest an alternative?

But now I've seen this on the @readwiseio Reader landing page...

If web highlighting will be a first-class citizen, so I can actually use it everywhere, I'll definitely consider it.